About Monteverde's Produce

Dairy Product: Overview

Monteverde's Produce aligns our business with several local dairy vendors. The following vendors are chosen for their commitment to quality and safety:

  • Turner's Dairy -  Turner's fresh, local, "rBGH free" milk is exclusively sourced from local family dairy farm partners in Western Pennsylvania. A variety of Turner's products continue to win national awards for taste and quality, and its premium iced tea line has been a Pittsburgh favorite for generations. Turner's SQF (Safe Quality Foods) certified, state-of-the-art production facility and quality control laboratory ensures all products maintain Monteverde's own high-quality standard.
  • Sommer Maid Creamery - A leading east-coast supplier, Sommer offers a full line of quality institutional and retail dairy products. Founded in early 1900s, Sommer is a family owned and operated dairy located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. For more than 100 years, Sommer Maid has built a proud tradition of providing the finest quality butter and cheese products while upholding absolute highest standards of service to our customers.
  • Hillandale Farms - Located near Pittsburgh in North Versailles, Hillandale is one of the nation’s leading supplier of shell eggs to retailers and distributors throughout the United States. A vertically integrated supplier, it is directly involved in every aspect of egg production and distribution, from the farm to the plate.

Turner's Dairy

1049 Jefferson Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Phone: 1-800-892-1039

Sommer Maid Creamery

6069 Kellers Church Road

Pipersville, PA 18947

Phone: 215-345-6160

Hillandale Farms

3 Crooked Run Road

North Versailles, PA 15137

Phone: 412-672-9685